Because Straight Edge Is Bad-Ass

So here it is…my first blog post for this new blog page that I have been itching to start. I mentioned this on my social media, ummm….a while ago…but just in case you find this little gem here without warning, I’m gonna post blogs periodically, as the urge strikes. It will be both regular and irregular. I don’t want to make this page about deadlines, so the posts will come organically…when I just feel like I have some shiz to say.

I guess it goes without saying that right now…I’ve got some thoughts to share. This topic is actually the thing that prompted me to finally start this blog. Let me start with some short context: I’m a mom of a newly minted teenager. This does a lot of things when you’re a girl like me who perpetually remains a teen at her core despite the aging happening on the outside. Mostly, it makes me think about the age my son is and the things that I dealt with when I was his age (aaaannnnndddd the things I write about that are very real). So here it goes – if you’re a teen reader, I so very much want you to read this. If you’re a parent of a teen, maybe this post is for sharesies? And if you think one day you may have a teen…well…you get it.

When I was in 8th grade, for whatever reason, I made up my mind that I was never going to drink or smoke or do drugs or do any of those things that posed a threat to my body beyond caffeine. (I love Diet Coke and iced tea.) It was not something that was forced on me through strict parenting. My family was not particularly religious, so it wasn’t part of my faith. There wasn’t a long line of alcoholism or a moment in my past that made a mark that nudged me in this direction. I just sorta thought about all of the things I saw people doing, trying, getting busted for and I thought: “Meh.”

Now, this is very important to understand: I know that what I decided is not what a lot of teens decide, and I know that everyone has different circumstances that draw their paths through life in certain ways. This post is not a preachy post dressed as an anti-drinking campaign. Many of my close friends said yes back in the day. And many of my friends as an adult party hard and love their Ubers. I love my friends for being responsible, and I loved my friends growing up – even when they were reckless. I hung out at the keggers, and can hang now – and no one gives a rip that I’m drinking water instead of beer or moscato (though, I get it wine drinkers – I have tasted this delicious beverage and yeah, it’s lovely). The point of this post is, I say no and it’s totally fine. I said no, and it was totally fine. It’s a little empowering, saying no. It even has a name nowadays – straight edge. It sounds sharp, and bad-ass. I might make a shirt. I would have worn that shirt then. Point being – saying no, and giving peer pressure the middle finger, is actually a thing. And I came out just fine. For real. I even got to wear a sash at homecoming.

When I write the goody-two-shoes girl…she’s not far from home. When I write the reckless ones, they’re not far from home either – I was just always in the position to observe. So embrace the you that YOU want to be. You’ll fit in right where you’re supposed to.

Next post will be wayyyyyy less after-school special. Promise 😉



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