Kindle Tips

How to download the book on Kindle:

I’ve always found that shopping in the Kindle store through is the easiest way to browse and select the books I want to read. I then buy and send the selected titles to the device I want to read it on (which can be found in your Amazon account preferences) and then pull the book up on my device (usually the iPad app for me). For more details on shopping using your device or the site itself, visit Amazon’s Kindle page here.

How do I read it if I don’t have a Kindle?

You can download the Kindle app on most smartphones and the iPad. You can download a Kindle app for your computer as well. For instructions to fit your computer or device, visit Amazon’s tip page here.

You can then use the Kindle app just as you would a Kindle reader. For a great resource on reading on and navigating through the Kindle app, visit Amazon’s helpful tutorial site.

“I love your book, and I want to write you a great review on Amazon, but I don’t know how. Can you tell me?” (I’m using the power of positive reinforcement here):

Posting a review of a Kindle book is simple (and one of the greatest things available to the author and reader community). You can review any Amazon product by signing into your account on, clicking on the ‘Your Account’ tab and then selecting ‘Your Orders.’ Under orders, you can sort by digital content to view your books. Once you see my book, you can click on ‘write a product review.’

Want to make the review right from your device?

Since I’m a big fan of the “For Dummies” books and, frankly, I couldn’t say it any better myself, click to their how-to page here: for great step-by-step instructions on how to review my book. Plus, please let me know so I can thank you for your time and attention. I am eternally grateful for it.